Gardenia by Leah Erickson

In her old life, her eyes would have been anxiously scanning the room, searching for flaws. Was there enough food? Were the flowers fresh enough? Were the guests having a good time? But the guests were happy. The place was buzzing with conversation, laughter, and exclamations of the beauty that surrounded them. And, for the... Continue Reading →

By the Dogwood Tree by Chelsea Thornton

The desire to breathe was strong, but the instinct to survive was stronger. Floodwaters rushed all around him, distorting his sense of direction. He was unaware of how long he had been under, but the yearning for air was agonizing. The water was crushing, the pressure reaching his aching lungs. Panic clouded his mind. His... Continue Reading →

Preet’s Song by Steve Carr

She swam at the bottom of the great sea far longer than many of the other creatures who had already crawled out onto the sands that bordered the land masses, journeyed into the vast jungles, and then evolved into a large number of diverse creatures. She alone had been given a gift from The Great... Continue Reading →

The Bampire by Eva Schultz

 Elizabeth gripped her iced coffee and braced a hand against the back of the seat in front of her as the night bus squealed to a stop. She hated sitting so close to the front – her chest prickled with fear when she couldn’t see who was seated behind her. But the overhead light in... Continue Reading →

Clay by Z.T. Gwynn

Down by the river there lives a man who makes clay mugs. Every morninghe dips his greying beard in wax, and rubs coarse coffee grounds underhis eyes. He spends the rest of the day at the wheel, and by thisceaseless repetition has made himself a master of the craft. Over the years his hands have... Continue Reading →

The Appointment by Tobias Maxwell

The stink from Jim’s armpit brought him out of his half-dream state.  Its unpleasantness made him hunker down towards the foot of his bed, when what he really wanted was to soar above the stalemate of his musty sheets. But, this way, everything fit, including the sensation of being locked away in a cocoon of... Continue Reading →

The Merrow by Heather Santo

The forge burned. Sweat poured from Luca’s brow and he tasted salt on his dry, cracked lips. The blacksmith shop was dark, draped in shadows and shifting pale moonlight. Burning coal and the tang of molten metal hung heavy in the air.  Flames danced, heating the iron until it was red hot, reflecting in the... Continue Reading →

A Free Man by James White

Waiting for takeoff instructions at the end of runway 31, Pete Canter strummed his fingers on the vibrating control wheel. After five minutes, the aircraft controller at the Palo Alto airport answered with, "Learjet niner three bravo clear for takeoff. Maintain runway heading to twelve thousand feet." "Roger, twelve thousand," Pete replied as he moved... Continue Reading →

David by John Young

A brilliant summer’s morning and David, an introspective, but ever curious, thirteen-year-old child, is walking alone as he often does in the countryside near his home. His preference for his own company sometimes worries his parents as does his remarkable capacity to accept and tolerate pain.  Though small for his age he is at school... Continue Reading →

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