Now Open to Submissions!

Dreaming in Fiction is open to submissions! We accept short stories and flash fiction from any genre and are looking to showcase new and emerging authors from around the globe. We love everything from horror to romance to mysteries and even re-imagined fairytales. Does your story struggle to fit in just one box? We love genre-blends too!

When you’re ready to submit, send one short story of no more than 3,000 words in the body of an email (no attachments, please) to For the subject line of the email, use the word “Submission” and your last name. Please, also make sure the email includes a short cover letter that states the story’s genre(s) and word count, a brief author bio (written in 3rd person) and the link to your website or blog (if you have one). We will do our best to respond to all submissions within one month of receiving them.

As an emerging publication, we can only offer support and exposure as payment for the time being. For previously unpublished stories, Dreaming in Fiction will retain First Publishing Rights and all other publishing rights will remain with the author.

We’d love to explore the worlds of fiction with you!

Tiffany Renee Harmon, Editor-in-Chief

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12 thoughts on “Now Open to Submissions!

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    1. Thanks for reaching out! No, this publication will begin in September but will continue with new stories each month. There’s no deadline – feel free to submit whenever it’s convenient for you!


  1. Is there any way to submit a story besides through email if I don’t feel comfortable giving my email address? If not, I completely understand.


    1. Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, the only way to submit is via email. Some writers set up new email addresses just for their writing careers – that way they can separate their writing life from their personal accounts.

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