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Working Late by Lisa Brand

  You’re sitting at your desk, grading test you should have passed out today in class like you had promised your students, but you’d decided to watch hockey the night before and leave the work for later. Now it’s later and here you are, still awake at almost midnight, and trying to get these grades… Continue Reading →

The End of a Dream by Jeffrey Zable

  I was at a party talking with some people I didn’t know, and in this group was a woman that I was very attracted to. I kept looking at her, but when our eyes met she’d frown, and I could almost hear her saying, “Don’t even think of hitting on me!”     Even so, I tried to make… Continue Reading →

Visiting Aunt Dorothy by Matthew Davies

When I met Dorothy in the dayroom, I did my best to hide my astonishment. To put it mildly, she’d changed. Her cheeks were jowly now. The skin on her face was made up of rosy patches surrounded by doughy blanched patches. Red spindly veins stitched these patches together. Her mouth was reduced to a… Continue Reading →

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