Working Late by Lisa Brand

  You’re sitting at your desk, grading test you should have passed out today in class like you had promised your students, but you’d decided to watch hockey the night before and leave the work for later. Now it’s later and here you are, still awake at almost midnight, and trying to get these grades... Continue Reading →

The Monster Within by Aurora Bishop

Janet placed her hand on her stomach and smiled at her husband. After years of battling infertility, they knew they would have a chance to hold their very own bundle of joy very soon. It was all she’d ever hoped for: her very own nuclear family. Todd smiled back at her. “How’s the baby today?”... Continue Reading →

Stabbed Pages by Anonymous

"Good night." She whispered to me, her sweet voice cradling me into a deep slumber. "Good night," I whispered back, letting sleep take me away. The creak of the bed as she left my side and another, louder one as she climbed into her own bed at the other side of the room. Then her... Continue Reading →

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