Clay by Z.T. Gwynn

Down by the river there lives a man who makes clay mugs. Every morninghe dips his greying beard in wax, and rubs coarse coffee grounds underhis eyes. He spends the rest of the day at the wheel, and by thisceaseless repetition has made himself a master of the craft. Over the years his hands have... Continue Reading →

Best Boots I Ever Ate by Steven Levi

Church Choir Willie was a master of the profane. His vocabulary was limited and thus the words that he used were few but they were, nonetheless, expressive. Quite expressive. He could singe the bark off a lodge pole pine and be into the wood grain before he finished the sentence. Only Nellie the Pig could... Continue Reading →

Frequency by Claire Johnson

It was a rainy afternoon and a woman strolled into the Best-Buy. She wore a red rain-slicked poncho with black spots. It was another slow Thursday and she was the most exciting thing to come through the doors today; some of the staff joked she looked like a ladybug in her poncho. The little ladybug... Continue Reading →

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