No Second Chances by Donna Bannister

It’s nine o’clock in the morning and I have been driving up the motorway for a long time. The winter sun creates a strobe light effect through the bare trees as I pass by, amalgamating with scenes playing in my mind as I stare blankly at the endless tarmac in front of me. Memories of... Continue Reading →

FIN by Yash Seyedbagheri

Once, we gathered in theaters, sharing sweat-stained spaces and popcorn. And there were many of us who comprised the we, a sum total of Is. Mothers and fathers, brothers, sisters. Self-proclaimed adorkables like yours truly who laughed at dark news stories about train crashes and could recite every member of the Romanov family from memory.... Continue Reading →

Stranger in Paradise by Carla Sarett

“It’s not personal,” said a twenty-something guy with a two-day shadow andoversized spectacles that resembled space goggles. “We love your work, but we’re taking the show in a new direction. We want edgy angels, darker, fresher, and….younger.” He offered me a brain-dead smile. “I guess I won’t need that halo anymore,” I said. “And by... Continue Reading →

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